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Robert Knop

EXPLAINED: The danger of posting product-based social media content

Most companies post content on social media that is all about THEM – their products, services and upcoming releases; using the platform as another advertising channel. That’s a problem. Why? Because no one logged onto social media to read that kind of content. When I tell this to marketing leaders, I am usually shrugged off,… Read More »EXPLAINED: The danger of posting product-based social media content

Do your homework on LinkedIn

“So, you sent me an invitation to connect pitching to help my eCommerce business. 1 problem: That’s not what my company does. This is where bad training or a bad lead-scraping program fails you. YES, I used to run eCommerce for a Fortune 100, but that was 11 YEARS ago. So, even though I pop-up… Read More »Do your homework on LinkedIn

LinkedIn profile tips

Some quick profile tips to help you get a larger viewership on LinkedIn The first thing people check is your LinkedIn profile when you reach out, so it has to sing. In your profile, show you are smart, trustworthy, and an industry expert, and entice them to learn more (but don’t pitch). Your target audience… Read More »LinkedIn profile tips

Innovation road

Big sales and marketing innovations coming in 2019

Recently, LinkedIn asked me (since “you’ve been posting some great stuff on LinkedIn” – wow, pretty cool!) what trends I see for 2019. My answer: MORE Strategy-level: MORE mobile, digital, social and more data-driven and customer-centric decision-making and experimentation with innovations like AI and AR. Tactics: MORE social selling. I get so many spam calls,… Read More »Big sales and marketing innovations coming in 2019