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What’s really important in business (and in life)

“I failed,” I thought. “I missed the sales goal I set for this year.” (goal was 100% increase YOY, we hit 89%). But then I remembered why I started this company:

  1.  To spend more time with my family
  2.  To work with a variety of exciting clients
  3.  To HELP people, especially non-profits.

So, I looked back over the past year. This year we were able to:

  • Work with 23 clients including 3 Fortune 500s
  • Help 4 non-profits make a real difference in their communities
  • Set 5 start-ups companies up for success in both the short-term and the long-term
  • Give away a lot knowledge that will help a lot of people via content and speaking events

And at the same time, I was able to:

  • Pick my kids up from school almost every day
  • Coach my sons’ soccer team (not once, but twice – including an all-star game)
  • Take family vacations (plural – you can’t do that in corporateland!)

THOSE are the things that matter to me. Thus, I’m calling this year a landslide success.

Maybe you should too.

I’m not saying rest on your laurels, but I am saying to appreciate the good times – they don’t always last for long.

And most importantly, there are more important things than revenue.

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