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“I’ve known and worked with Rob as both an industry colleague during his time at a carrier and as a client once he started his own firm — Assist You Today. Through every interaction, I can say without hesitancy that Rob knows his stuff, adds a ton of value and is a pleasure to work with. 

One thing I and our team particularly appreciated during our recent engagement with Rob on a project was his honest desire to learn all he could about our goals and then tailor an approach specifically suited to our circumstances. He worked with us to build a great program and was with us every step of the way.

If you need a social selling/digital selling expert to help you build or energize a program (and someone you will actually enjoy working with), I can’t recommend Rob highly enough.”

Scott Campbell, Chief Client Officer at American National


“Robert’s insight and guidance have helped us increase our awareness and appointments.

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Michael Goodman, CEO, Wealthstream Advisors


“Robert provided our company with a thoughtful, pragmatic, and actionable framework for improving our approach to digital marketing. His advice has led to a greatly improved online presence and is part of the foundation for our future branding strategy. I would gladly recommend him to any company that is looking to establish or advance their approach to online marketing and branding.”

Brian Johnson, CEO, Patriot Environmental Services


“We all depend more and more on using “social currency” in our networked world. But building and spending it effectively proves complex for many people. Robert is great at making the process simple to understand and building a path for people and teams to become proficient.”

Paul Tyler, CMO, Nassau Re


“If you need a fresh, innovative and results-oriented social media strategist, look no further. I was fortunate to work with Rob on a large-scale customer experience project and was impressed with his deep marketing and social media knowledge. He uses both data and innovative thinking to create actionable strategies: it is a rare gift.

But what I most respect about Rob is that he is a genuine and kind person, who cares deeply about his clients and co-workers. He has such a positive attitude that you can’t help but noticing how your days gets better just by talking to him. Hire him to solve your toughest challenges and you will know what I mean.”

Jenia Espe, Co-Founder, Red Squared


“Rob is my go-to guy for social media strategy. The rapid pace of change in the social media space makes it difficult to keep up, but Rob is always ahead of the pack, anticipating future developments and crafting innovative, data-based solutions.

I met Rob while working on a major user experience project he was leading and found him to be a forward-thinking leader with a keen sense for data, marketing, and design. If you are in need of a thought leader to develop your social media and social selling strategies, look no further!”

— Tara Schwegler, Ph.D., Co-Founder, Red Squared


“I attended Robert’s talk at WeWork Irvine Spectrum about generating business and maximizing ROI through social selling — and am happy to share that the strategies he champions are both insightful and actionable.

These strategies and tactics have already begun to pay dividends for me. I envision that many others could enjoy immediate benefits through the application of the mindset and techniques Robert advocates.”

Jeff Loveland, Tesla top 10 sales performer (2x), business consultant


To see what Robert and his team can do for you today, call 323.972.3566, email, or reach out to Robert on LinkedIn