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EXPLAINED: The danger of posting product-based social media content

Most companies post content on social media that is all about THEM – their products, services and upcoming releases; using the platform as another advertising channel. That’s a problem. Why? Because no one logged onto social media to read that kind of content.

When I tell this to marketing leaders, I am usually shrugged off, with a “we need to raise awareness,” “our content needs to drive web site views” or “users will just scroll past that post if they are not interested, no big deal.”

These are all bad approaches to social media content. This image explains why.

Every time you post a piece of content that no one engages with (e.g. product content usually gets very low engagement), the social media platform’s algorithm learns that users don’t like your content.

As a result, the algorithm will show your next post to less people, so your opportunities for engagement have now decreased.
Thus, your 2nd post will most likely get less engagement than your 1st post.

The algorithm will now show your 3rd post to even LESS people, which will further decrease your opportunities for engagement.
And this keeps going and going in vicious downward spiral, so that posts that used to get 1,000s of views, now get 100s of views (or less)!

Unfortunately, I’ve seen many companies go down this path by consistently posting product-based content. You can see their engagement dramatically decrease quickly and then you just don’t see their posts at all anymore because the algorithm has learned not to show it to you.

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So, how do you avoid this? Post content that will add value to your target audience!
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Solve their pain points, give free tips and content and information they can’t get elsewhere. When you do talk about your company, talk about DEI initiatives or things you are doing to help local communities.

The focus your content should be about THEM, your target audience, and what will add value to their lives.

If you do that, you will get more views and engagement, and generate more awareness and more business opportunities as a result.

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