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Don’t let a bad email approach get you blocked

You send me a cold email.
I respond with “not interested”
You follow-up with “wait, you don’t understand…”
I block you.

I understand what your company does but it is in no way relevant to my company.

You didn’t do any pre-work to find out about my company, what we do, our pain points, and if you could really help.

So, frankly, you were lucky to get a response in the first place. (After all, we both know you don’t get a response to 95% of this type of cold outreach!)

Want to NOT get blocked?

Do some research.

Find out about my company, what we do, why we do it, what our potential gaps are.

Find connections we have in common on LinkedIn – mention them by name, not “I noticed we have connections in common” (that’s like saying “I noticed we both breathe air”)

Get a warm introduction from a common connection.

I’ll most likely not only responding, but also take a meeting if you do that.

Someone did this two weeks ago. I took the meeting and we are now working together.

Put in the effort. It makes a huge difference in your results.

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