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Do your homework on LinkedIn

“So, you sent me an invitation to connect pitching to help my eCommerce business. 1 problem: That’s not what my company does. This is where bad training or a bad lead-scraping program fails you. YES, I used to run eCommerce for a Fortune 100, but that was 11 YEARS ago. So, even though I pop-up in search or in your AI tech for ”CEO” and “eCommerce”, it’s outdated/irrelevant info that 20 seconds on my profile would have shown you.

But you didn’t do that because you’re not interested in networking and using LinkedIn the right way, you just want to spray and pray. No thanks.”

I could have sent this note to 20 people in the past week.

Is anyone else getting an inordinate amount of sales pitches using incorrect data via invitations to connect? I have been inundated with them lately.

So, whoever is the “social media guru” that is teaching folks to run a search and then spam the heck out of people, or who has designed tech to do it for them like this, please stop.

Robert Knop
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