We help companies avoid becoming the next Sears
modernizing their marketing + sales approaches


3 ways we help you reach your company goals

We analyze your marketing, social media, and sales efforts, and show you ways to boost your business. Then, we create effective go-to-market strategies that create demand with your target audience, and use best practices to continuously add value.


We coach and train your sales, social media and marketing teams to find your target audience, connect with them, start a relationship, get meetings, and convert into sales using modern sales strategies and social selling. We also show marketing teams how to launch and manage these programs.

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We write and design content that is powerful, useful, relevant and energizing to YOUR target audience, and, as a result, increases engagement, creates demand, generates leads and drives sales.

How does social media gain clients?

The world has changed. Traditional strategies and tactics that have worked in the past to acquire prospects, leads and sales are becoming less and less effective. The good news is that there is a new way to be successful in this new digital age: social selling.
What is social selling?

Social selling is using social media to find key decision makers, and build long-term relationships. It's about moving past being a sales representative, and becoming a trusted business partner, creating a "win-win" situation for both parties.

Plus, response and conversion rates are significantly higher than cold calling and blast emailing.

To see how we can help you at every step in the sales journey click here.

  • Cold calling

    The average cold calling response rate is 2%


    The average email response rate is 3%

  • social selling

    We get up to an 83% response rate using social selling.

    Which one seems like a better use of your sales team's time?

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