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Tips to make your training sessions sing

Tips to make your training sessions sing


My team has conducted a slew of training sessions this year. Based on those sessions, here are 4 key takeaways you can use to make your training more effective:


1) Make training interactive.

There’s nothing worse than talking at a group for 55 minutes, and then having 5 minutes of questions. Invite questions throughout the session, and cater your training to your audience’s answers. If no one is asking questions, ask them instead.


2) Show how to do things LIVE.

Yes, this adds an element of danger if the wi-fi isn’t strong at the venue, but live demos based on the needs and situations of your audiences are a lot more beneficial to them, and will keep them engaged.


3) Train small groups or conduct individual sessions.

Depending on the size of the group, this isn’t a possible, but try to get those groups down to small numbers. That way, participants won’t be afraid to ask questions, you will get a good dialogue going, and your message will stick.


4) Give homework. 

It’s easy for participants to attend a training session, think it’s great, but then go back to their desks and keep doing what they’ve always done. Have an “ask” for them (with a deadline), and follow-up to ensure they did it.


Follow these tips, and your training sessions will improve in 2018!

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