This is social, not ANTI-SOCIAL media

This is social media, not ANTI-SOCIAL media. To be successful with social media, you have to engage with others. If you only post content, it’s like you’re on the sidewalk shouting things through a megaphone. Eventually people will tune you out, and stop engaging with your content.

Social media is about reciprocity. Engage with the content of others 5-10x as much as you post content. This will ensure you stay top-of-mind, and your biggest advocates continue to engage with your content.

After all, why did someone post content on LinkedIn? They want engagement. They want to be validated! Give it to them – especially if that content would add value to your target audience as well.

This isn’t Instagram. You don’t get 30 likes and 5 comments every time you post a selfie.

Most content on LinkedIn gets 5 likes or less and 1 comment or less. If you consistently engage with someone’s content, they will remember you! In turn, they will engage with your content, and they will be more likely to accept your invitation to connect (and a meeting request) as well.

So don’t turn LinkedIn into anti-social media, engage with others – learn, network and grow. It’s the whole reason the platform exists!

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