Using the right SEO keywords in your content matters

Words matter. For example, “financial advisor” is searched for 10x more than “financial professional.”) When your team writes LinkedIn profiles, websites and sales materials, use words your prospects typically use. This will allow you to get found and be more easily understood.

Other surprising results:

  • “Sales” 70x more than “business development” – no one wants to say they do sales, but you are much more likely to be found if you do
  • “Innovation” 2x more than “innovative” – craft your content to use that tense instead
  • “Strategy” 50% more than “strategies”
  • “Online” 10x more searches than “digital” – an oldie, but a goodie
  • “Digital marketing” 10x more searches than “online marketing” – but not when it comes to marketing
  • “SEM” 20x more than “search engine marketing” – abbreviate this one
  • “SEO” 15% more than “search engine optimization” – this one doesn’t matter at much
  • “Social media” 80x more than “social networks” – it may not be grammatically correct at times, but using “social media” will get you found more
  • “Facebook” 80x more than “social media” – if you are talking about Facebook, say “Facebook”

Want to run some searches on your own? Check our Google Trends ( to do comparisons between 2 or more words or phrases.

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