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4 ways to help your LinkedIn profile drive sales

1) CREATE A PROFILE THAT WILL GET FOUND – complete your profile as much as possible. The more information you have, the more likely you are to appear in search results, so add a summary, publications where you have been featured, and organizations and charities you support.

Also, use keywords within your profile that internet users use within search engines. Use Google Trends to look up these keywords, and compare them to see what will be searched for more often. For example “sales representative” gets three times more searches on average than “sales professional” (see below)


LinkedIn has great search engine optimization (SEO), so the more you can optimize your profile with SEO-friendly keywords, the higher the chance of being found both on search engines, as well as searches conducted within LinkedIn.

2) CONNECT WITH YOUR CURRENT CLIENTS – It’s five times easier to retain and grow a relationship with a current client than it is to gain a new client, so connect with all your current clients. In addition, connect with your co-workers, people in similar roles at other companies, and people you meet at conferences.

After you connect with each of these audiences, they will then see your updates, content you post and more. This keeps you top of mind with them, and increases the reach of your content and overall network. The power of a strong network pays dividends in both the short-term and the long-term.

3) FIND YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE – Determine your ideal target audience is for your company, then find the key attributes of your target audience (e.g. CPA’s in Beverly Hills, CA). Once you have your key criteria, use LinkedIn Advanced Search (or Lead Builder in Sales Navigator) to find them based on those criteria. Below is a search for CPA’s within 10 miles of Beverly Hills – there are over 11,000 of them – you never need to buy another list again!


4) REACH OUT (IN A PERSONALIZED WAY) – Once you have found your target audience, reach out to them, but make sure it’s personalized. Before you send an invitation to connect, find 3 things about the person – such as connections in common (referrals make for the best introductions), same college, same previous company, support the same charities. If, for example, you both attended the University of Michigan, worked Bank of America and support the ASPCA. Each of those facts is a great in to start a conversation. Your goal is to establish a rapport – try to form a lasting, meaningful relationship.




How to post from your laptop:

1) Go to 

2) Right click on the page, and select “Inspect” from the dropdown 

3) Refresh the page 

4) At this point, you should see the little [+] icon that allows you to post a photo 

5) Post as you normally would on your mobile device