What should your social media objectives be?

About fifteen years ago, I needed a new car. A friend of mine had gotten a great deal from a certain dealership, so I decided to visit the same place to get the same great deal too! My objectives were to buy a car that 1) Gets me from point A to point B, 2)
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The Value of Social Selling

When I was younger, I loved my cassette tapes. I refused to move over to CDs for the longest time. For a while, I missed out on some good music because record companies eventually starting distributing only the biggest sellers via cassette, and I loved my alternative music. I finally broke down, bought a CD
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Today, I’m undertaking one of the most exciting (and scariest) endeavors of my life – I’m opening my own company. I’ve been helping companies get closer to their customers, build trust and drive sales using social media in the corporate world for many years now, and now I’m really excited to be doing the same
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