June 25, 2017

News and Media

April 2017

Denim Founder and CEO Gregory Bailey welcomed Robert Knop onto his Denim Rivet podcast. The duo caught up on old times (they used to work together), and talked about the to utilize social media for both an advertising and sales tool as part of your marketing and sales toolbox.

You can listen to the episode here


February 2017

Founder and CEO, Robert Knop led 4 sessions at the American National 2017 Multi-Line Professional Seminar. 2 sessions were about the value of social media when it comes to recruiting top talent, and 2 sessions focused on a deep dive into using social media to keep (and gain) market share. All 4 sessions included a live demo, which included strategies and tactics sales team members could take back to their offices, and start employing that same day.


January 2017

LinkedIn created a “how to” guide for sales in the digital age including the need to have multiple contacts at a company – both the value and imperative of said strategy. Assist You Today CEO, Robert Knop was featured in the “Ask the Expert” section of the guide, and shared multiple stories about when he has (and has neglected) to establish multiple relationships with a client, and the results of each.

You can download a copy of this need-to-have guide here


December 2016

WeWork Irvine Spectrum invited Robert Knop to come speak, and share some of his tips for sales and marketing teams to be successful in today’s digital era. Robert showed attendees how to find, connect, follow-up and get meetings with key decision-makers, as well as how to use conferences for lead generation.


October 2016

Robert Knop spoke at the Social Tools Conference in San Jose, CA. He and the panel discussed how to use site like LinkedIn and Twitter to gain and retain clients, the need to shift mindsets within organizations to make it happen, and some tips that you can start doing today to build your business using social media.


The University of Michigan Professionals, Orange County chapter invited Robert Knop to speak at their monthly meeting in Costa Mesa, CA. Robert shared basic and advanced methods of how to gain and retain new clients faster and easier than traditional sales methods, and gave a live demo of his innovative social selling process to the team using actual examples from the audience in real-time.


September 2016

Assist You Today Founder and CEO, Robert Knop appeared on the Hearsay Social On Air podcast. Victor Gaxiola from Hearsay and Rob talked about social selling and its impact on the financial services industry, as well as how you can be successful at sales using social selling, and Robert gave 4 things that you can start doing today to start driving revenue using LinkedIn.

You can listen to the entire podcast here.




Assist You Today Founder and CEO, Robert Knop was interviewed by the Sales team at LinkedIn to talk about about social selling and how you can be successful at sales using social selling with a focus on adding value. Also, Robert gave out 4 things that you can start doing today to start driving revenue using LinkedIn, so you’re going to want to check it out.

You can read the interview here.