The post-coronavirus state of sales

I’d like to think when this is all over, companies will realize they don’t need have their sales teams “on the road” 24/7…..unfortunately, I think most companies will only cut down on travel in the short-term. I think the moment something goes wrong (e.g. lose a big deal), virtual selling will be blamed. Sales leaders will then revert back to “what works,” and sales teams will be back on the road 24/7.

You’re always to lose a big deal or two. That’s sales.

I ask sales leaders to keep the big picture in mind. Even if you lose one big deal, your team will probably close more deals overall because of the time saved not in the car or on a plane. It equals a huge boost in overall productivity.

Also, look at the bottom-line instead of top-line numbers. With the decrease in travel expenditures, the bottom-line numbers will look vastly different than before.

My company, for example, has seen expenses cut by over 50% in the past two months because I’m not travelling – huge difference!

Not saying face-to-face interaction should go away – it’s still the fastest way to develop a rapport.

However, if companies invest in coaching their teams to effectively sell virtually, the boost in productivity and bottom-line impact could be immense.

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